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The sea caves along the Na Pali Coast, Kauai


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What sucks

You know what’s sucks? Having that one person with you every single day, and alway being there. You get so used to them being there and talking to them, they become a part of you. And one day they decide they don’t want to be a part of your life and they just leave. And you’re left with this huge whole in your chest. Days & weeks go by but time just makes the memories fade but not the feelings, so you love everyday with a broken heart. Atleast once a day you get reminded of that person, either a song reminds you of them or a person or store. Atleast once a day your heart breaks a little more and it gets worse and worse until you become numb. When you’re numb that’s how you know you’re screwed cause you don’t care about anything but they feeling of pain and heartbreak is always in the back of your head and it’s still there. So for me it really sucks giving my everything to someone i fell in love with and had our future planned out to him just packing and leaving one day, he walked out with everything I had in me. He leaves and I remain changed ever since that day, I remain hurt, in pain, sad, lonely, guilty, and heartbroken. Nothing changed for me, he has a girlfriend and is happy while I’m reminiscing the past and just remembering how one of his hugs could make my worse day better. It sucks how one person can take so much from you and not even give you and explanation or closure. You just stay broken. I can’t say if it gets better or not cause I’m still waiting on the day that it stops bothering me and doesn’t hurt me anymore to the point where I can’t even listen to a song without crying.

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